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Welcome to ATTPL Finance Company, your trusted partner in providing financial solutions for all your needs. We understand that purchasing consumer durables such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, and televisions can be a big investment. That’s why we offer Consumer Durable Loans to help you finance these purchases without worrying about the burden of a one-time payment.

What are Consumer Durable Loans?

Consumer Durable Loans are a type of personal loan that is specifically designed to finance the purchase of consumer durables. These loans are provided by banks and financial institutions like ATTPL Finance Company to help individuals purchase durable goods that they may not be able to afford in one go. These loans are usually offered at a fixed rate of interest and can be repaid in equated monthly installments (EMIs) over a period of time.

Benefits of Consumer Durable Loans

Easy Approval Process

Unlike traditional loans, consumer durable loans are relatively easy to get approved. With minimal documentation and a quick turnaround time, you can have the loan amount disbursed to your account in no time.

Affordable Interest Rates:

Consumer durable loans are offered at affordable interest rates, which make it a cost-effective option to finance your purchases.

Flexible Repayment Options:

 You can choose the repayment tenure based on your convenience and financial capability. This can be as short as six months or as long as 36 months.

No Need for Collateral:

 As consumer durable loans are unsecured loans, you do not need to provide any collateral to avail of the loan. This means that you do not have to risk any assets to finance your purchases.

No Prepayment Charges:

 If you wish to repay the loan before the end of the tenure, there are no prepayment charges levied by ATTPL Finance Company. This can help you save a considerable amount of money in interest charges.

How to Apply for a Consumer Durable Loan?

To apply for a consumer durable loan from ATTPL Finance Company, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Visit our website and navigate to the Consumer Durable Loans section.

  • Fill in the online application form with the required details such as your name, contact details, employment details, and loan amount.

  • Upload the necessary documents such as identity proof, address proof, income proof, and bank statements.

  • Once the application is submitted, our loan executives will review your application and get in touch with you for further processing.

  • Once your loan is approved, the amount will be disbursed to your account, and you can make your purchase.

Consumer Durable Loans are a great way to finance your purchases of household appliances and electronic gadgets without putting a strain on your finances. With ATTPL Finance Company, you can be assured of easy processing, affordable interest rates, and flexible repayment options. Apply for a consumer durable loan today and experience hassle-free financing for all your needs.

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